Australian Hosted PVE Ark Clusters

Low Mod Cluster

* 2 Standard Ark Maps (The Island, Ragnarok)

* 12 Mods total

* Slightly boosted rates

High Mod Cluster

* 1 Standard Ark Map (Ragnarok)

* 31 Mods total

* Boosted Rates and tweaks

Both Networks have a rotated temporary map that is up for a month at a time.

Our servers are based in Brisbane, Queensland, giving lower lag for Australian/Oceanic players.

See our Server Info!

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Boosted Rates

Our admins realize that people have real lives, and have designed the server rates to suit. Easier to maintain your bases and dinos!

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We have included a selection of mods for an enhanced player experience. S+, CKF, a large collection of eco's mods, and many more

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Active Admins

Don't hesitate to jump into Discord to contact an admin. Got stuck, or have some other issue? We can help!