Server Status

The closure of Scorched Earth

Posted by Baradine Allawa, 7th February, 2018

Ok. Us as admins, we deliberated long and hard about our wayward map Scorched earth.

Basically.. it just isn't popular. Nobody really plays on it, people on the other maps barely jump over there etc. So we put it to a vote in discord, and the majority said, we don't really need it. The only creature that's unique to Scorched these days too, is the Phoenix, and we have that added to Ragnarok as a spawn now. (Got yourself one yet??)

So, as of the 14th of Feb, Scorched will be closing out of the cluster. Sad to see it go, but we can use the cpu power for much more interesting things. Like an events server. Stay tuned for news regarding upcoming events!

Refresher on a few things.

Posted by Baradine Allawa, 8th January, 2018

Ok. Hope we're all enjoying Aberration! As a note, full transfer access is going to be enabled on the 12th.

Thanks also to the patreons we've had join! Your support is greatly appreciated.

The new hardware is well underway, with a migration looking like happening the week of the 15th. Plenty of notice will be given, ample backups will be taken. Don't worry about losing anything. I'd die if I lost my bossrexs, so I'm pretty careful with such things.

Now onto some more pressing news.

1) Rates. Our rates won't be changed under any circumstance. We have had messages about this recently. There is no need for a change. Attempting to message both myself and Asylum on the matter is a non-event. Both of us are in agreeance on the rates. It simply will not change.

2) Pillar/Foundation spam.

It has come to my attention that on some maps we are getting a lot of singular pillars or foundations, or a 1x1 base with a bed. The way these are set out is like landclaiming. As is in our rules.. pillarspam is not allowed.

I'm pretty lenient with bases. I allow a couple at least per tribe. Or something like functionality bases ie, the metal cave, wyvern trap, and crystal cave on Ragnarok that is Alpha owned. These bases are equipped with a public teleporter, so anyone with tek teleporter abilities can visit them and get home again.

However, 1x1 bases in a whole heap of areas is NOT on. Nor is foundation spamming to block spawns. If you don't want animals in your bases, build a damn fence. In one case, beaver dams are being restricted.

So, on that note, I hereby have to issue a warning on the subject. Such things need to be cleaned up within 3 days from today (the 8th of Jan), or the admin crew will clean them up. And if the admin crew has to clean them up, then more action will be taken.

As it states in the rules on the server info page..

Pillar blocking (claiming land with pillars or foundations) is STRICTLY prohibited.
Blocking other players from resources, or obelisks is STRICTLY prohibited.

Here ends what I have to say on the subject. I do hate to get nasty, but I do have to enforce the rules as they are stated.

Until next time...

Aberration is nearly here!

Posted by Baradine Allawa, 12th December, 2017

So Aberration lands at 2am QLD time on the 13th (barring any bushfires from Wildcard lol)!!!!

I'll endeavour to get the server up as fast as possible. Server details should be as follows:

Feel free to add this to your favourites in steam!

Change to website

Posted by Baradine Allawa, 11th December, 2017

And here we go, new website for us all to play with!

It even includes a very very basic start on the dino locator. Keep in mind that the data can be up to 15 mins behind.

Also, Patreon is now active! Head to the Patreon section for more information!

Server Updates

Posted by Baradine Allawa, 21st October, 2017


First off. Some news. We've had to remove the Pimp My Dino mod. It was blocking spawns for various creatures on all 4 spawn maps. I did try to remove the dodus at first (the cause of the spawnblocking) but nothing worked ini wise, so the decision was made to remove. Sad, but hey, better to have all the creatures rather than miss some.

Next bit of news. Daily server restarts and dinowipes have been implemented. Restarts will happen daily between 4am and 5am Australian Eastern Standard time, and dinowipes will occur between 5am and 6am. This should minimise the impact on all our players.

Finally, as noted in the Ark Twitch, Aberration has been delayed by a few weeks, but rest assured, once it arrives, it will be added into the cluster.

Stay safe all, and enjoy the game!

Changes to the cluster

Posted by Baradine Allawa, 11th August, 2017

Well! So we've made a lot of changes recently.

After discussions with the co-admins, we've opened up/changed around the mods a touch.

EcoTrees Lite was replaced with the full version of EcoTrees

Platforms Plus - Extended versions of tree platforms.

Platforms Anywhere - Pillars to whack tree platforms on. Lots to try!

Redwoods Anywhere - Grow Redwoods anywhere. These are also tree sap tap compatible.

Pillars Plus - Angled Pillars for your enjoyment

Mindwipe Re-Evolved - An advanced mindwipe. Useable repeatedly, and more importantly, if you transfer it to a dino, then press E, it will reset the points you've spent on that dino. Invaluable if you want to respec to use Classic Flyers on an existing bird.

Oyster Bed 2.0 - Grow your own silica and black pearls

We hope you enjoy all the additions!

Classic Flyers added to all servers!

Posted by Baradine Allawa, 6th August, 2017

We've finally added Classic flyers to all the servers now that things are working correctly with dino spawns!


New Site for Oz-Ark activated

Posted by Baradine Allawa, 5th August, 2017

Hiya, and welcome to the new site for Oz-Ark Networks!

Feel free to register!