Server Status

General Information

We run a 5 server cluster for Ark: Survival Evolved. Transfers of both dinos & players between the cluster servers is enabled.
4 of these servers are for general use. The 5th, our Event map, is only started when we run an event.
A modlist for the servers is available below. If you want to contact the admins, Discord is your best bet!
Discord Link:

Please be aware of the rules regarding our servers!


A Full list of our mods can be found in this Steam collection. We suggest you subscribe to all before you join!
A list of the mods for our event map is coming soon!

Server Options & Multipliers

The servers have been customised to change the experience. A list of the changes is below. Any changes not listed here are as per official server difficulty rules.

Show Location on Map Enabled
Unlimited Mind Wipes Enabled
Flyers can carry Enabled
Third Person View Enabled
Corpse Locator Enabled
Structure Placement Collision Enabled
Ragnark Specific: Phoenix Spawns enabled in the Desert region. Enabled
Aberration Specific: Foreign Dino Downloads Allowed Enabled
PVE Friendly Fire Enabled
Server Difficulty 5
Maximum Tameable Creature Level 150
XP 3x
Taming 10x
Dino Food Drain 0.5x
A combination of the Taming & Dino Food Drain gives an effective Taming Multiplier of 5x
Resource Respawn Timer 0.2x
Harvest Amount 5x
Supply Crate/Fishing Loot Quality 5x
Spoil Timer 2x
Egg Hatch Speed 8x
Baby Mature Speed 8x
Baby Food Consumption 0.25x
Baby Cuddle Interval 0.2x
Mating Interval 0.5x
If you'd like to join, here's the server links!

Server Links

The Island
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The Center
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Player Count

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Event Map Mod List: Coming Soon!